Order Refills Online

Refilling your prescription just got easier!

Pharm AtoZ has partnered with Rx30 to allow you, the customer, to refill and review your prescriptions online through their RefillRx system.


Why should you refill online?

  1. It’s FREE!
  2. Refill in the comfort of your own home or office
  3. Access your account 24/7
  4. Check the status of your prescriptions
  5. Pick up when ready


How do you register your account?


  1. Go to www.refillrx.com and click “Register”
  2. Locate Pharm AtoZ using:
    • Zip Code = 48310
    • Last 4 digits of our phone number = 1874
  3. Option #1: Enter your Old RefillRx Patient ID if you have one
    Option #2: Enter your information to find a match
  4. Create a username and password
  5. Login and start accessing your account!


Click the icon below to go to RefillRx!

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If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to give us a call at 586.698.1874.